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Dollar Bills, handkerchiefs, and many other small articles will vanish when you clap your hands together.


Simple Magical Apparatus for Causing Handkerchiefs, Silks, Currency and Other Small Articles to Disappear

This is the well known handkerchief vanisher, a simple piece of apparatus that is almost indispensable to all magicians, whether amateur or professional and with which many surprising feats of magic may be performed.  For example. you can take a silk handkerchief or flag, work it up into your hands until it finally vanishes entirely and you show your hands empty.  Other small articles such as currency, bills, paper, etc., can be made to disappear in the same mysterious fashion.  The trick can be done with the sleeves rolled up.  With a little practice the feat can be neatly performed so that there is not much danger of detention.  Full instructions included.