Mystic Smoke

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Clouds and clouds of white smoke pour from your fingertips!  Your hand can be shown to be empty at all times.


Smoke From Your Fingers!

Show Your Hands to be Empty.  Then Reach Out into the Air, and as You Do So, Smoke Rises from Your Fingers!  Repeat it Over and Over Again!  Harmless!

Can be done right under their noses yet they ask HOW DID YOU DO IT?  Show then your empty hands--have them watch very closely--yet, as you wave your hands slowly in front of them the smoke starts to appear.  The clouds rise from your hand.  Not only as a magic trick, but as a practical joke you will find it useful.

In a car, in a store, folks will suddenly be amazed to see the smoke rise from your fingers.  Good to do right after you have lit a cigarette.  Makes them think you have something burning in your hand.  You will undoubtedly think of many ways to have more fun with this trick.  Indetectable  since there are no gimmicks in the hand or on the person.  No dangerous chemicals or acids.  Nothing is lit or burned.  Special preparation that is spread on fingers.